Talking philosophy with musicians

Enjoyed a great discussion with some musician friends at lunch yesterday. As we experience the changes of the music industry, talking to active musicians is important. All kinds of People are paving the way for this art form now and it's possibilities could be good or bad. We touched on things like aliens,
 individualism/collectivism and marketing. Even though these conversations may not accomplish anything and they are usually full of a lot of speculation they are inspiring and they get me thinking in new ways. I really value the people in my life who create and are creative. Playing music now is like one big opportunity. A chance to share expectations. So go check out Otis Heat, they are coming to a town near you

The reality is the world doesn't need new music to continue , water and food and compassion are more important. But that doesn't stop people from creating. Just put it out there . It makes more real estate in your self for growth.