Tell Her Im Everything I need to Be

This is the September 5th release from the Music Subscription. This song has taken many forms, with different time signatures, keys, arrangements and lyrics. Settling on the idea that it's ok to release a song several times helps. Nothing is final. No song is ever complete. The Elephant was done by Christine Galinato ( ) check out and support her art.

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CHORDS - Bmin7 - Amin 7 - Gmaj 7


  1. tell her im everything i need to be
  2. tell her i dont care where shes been or what shes seen
  3. she is the weather and i am a mountain
  4. messin with my mind in a way i cant get behind
  5. tell her ill be on my own two
  6. if i loved you a little less maybe everything would be alright