July Playlist Info/ Is up

Got to spend the weekend at the ocean, it was beautiful.

If you click on the July Playlist link you'll get to listen to some great music from musicians that are friends of the Fontaine. The playlist includes


Otis Heat - "Everybody Loves Me the Same Way" Portland OR http://otisheat.com/

Silver Spoons - "Pillbox" Sacramento CA https://www.facebook.com/thesilverspoonsband?ref=br_tf

Courtesy - "ComEd" Chicaog IL https://www.facebook.com/idmaticcourtesy

Lush Baby - "BBR" Chico CA https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lush-Baby/184240035006511

Playboy Smooth - "Twin Peaks" Portland OR http://playboysmoothblr.tumblr.com/