Bi-monthly Release Series (2015)

We have made the decision to tackle a Bi-Monthly Single Release Series this year. Expect to hear some collaborations and originals from certain Fontaine Players. The single a month is a bit taxing as this year is busy for all of us. If you missed the single releases from 2014 here is a link to check them out.

Schedule for 2015 Release Series

Feb 5th, April 5th, June 5th, August 5th, October 5th, December 5th

We Got What We Needed

We did it, made it safely to Portland to finish recording mostly drum, guitar and bass tracks for the new record. It was 5 days of hard work, listening back now after a couple weeks has been fun. We plan on taking our time to finish it and put it out towards the end of 2015. Hope the holidays were safe and that you are excited about the new year. On another note, there will be no January 5th single release. Be on the lookout for a February 5th release. THANK YOU

Work, but not too hard

Work hard, but not too hard and only for 5 minutes. We can be driven toward perfectionism and becoming an expert in a chosen field. I am no longer interested in this. Advancing 5 minutes a day on said task is much more simple and fun. Especially when learning something new, We have said it before, were not trying to make perfect music. The Fontaine Classic is looking for the path of least resistant and anyone can join the band, you just have to show up.

Boyle's Law

This time of year goes by exponentially fast. Dec 5th is already closing in. We will release the December single on the 4th to coincide with our performance at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco. Challenges with a project like this mostly fall in the category of time management. But, creative work can be at its best when under pressure. As creators we want to make stuff that falls in that sweet spot, something thats not cliche, but still common and profound. Creations that fall in this place maybe stick around longer and affect more. The right amount of pressure and deadline can maybe place us here. Boyle's law states that as pressure increases volume will decrease.