Welcome! Glad you have connected somehow, someway with The Fontaine Classic. We are a group of friends and musicians located in Sacramento CA. We are happy you are here; we want to share our music and stay connected.

Please Contact Us, about everything and anything!! (including joining the band, currently we are looking for horn players)        thefontaineclassicbooking@gmail.com

One way we have found effective in spreading our music and keeping connections alive is through our Music Subscription. Enter your email address here and you will receive our newest music on the 5th of every month as well as a short newsletter. Also to hear last years monthly release series click here

There are many members in The Fontaine Classic, and we often have rotating musicians when we play live due to our disbursement along the west coast. We have friends in many cities on the west coast, it is our mission to do tours and go visit our friends as much as we can. Click here to see our past show dates and upcoming ones.


08/05/2015 Music Release 'Avocados'

August California Tour Flyer