Elko NV

The experience at Davis was positive, we played to some cool UC Davis students in a very nice living room. All the bands were great.

Last summer we played a gig in Elko NV at the DLC. If you are ever traveling through Elko its a must stop. A cultural gem of the state of Nevada. They pay their bands/entertainment well and even house them in apartment style lofts above the venue. Art on the walls and a full bar. Getting ready to play it again Aug 21st, hoping to take some friends with us this time. 

House Party

Tonight in Davis, CA The Fontaine Classic will play a House Party show. I think its been almost 5 years since the last house party performance, somewhere in Chico CA. Looking forward to playing with some out of town bands (los angeles) and the Silver Spoons again. 

625 Radcliffe Drive    (davis CA)   7pm (all ages) FREE                                                                                                                                    


Lyrics have always been a hard process with song writing. I notice how I get rigid and inflexible to them after they get on paper, don't really wanna change them. But I know editing can make them better.  I have always felt inadequate in this arena and want to improve. I thought about a new strategy the other day.

I am going to rewrite the lyrics for a song I have been working on 5 days in a row. Maybe change things, maybe switch words around a little, but mostly keep the poem the same. I wanna see if the kinesthetic learning kicks in and takes me down a different direction. By rewriting 5 days in a row maybe my brain will see different patterns. Maybe minor changes can reshape the lyrics. A slight pivot could be could be all the change it needs. .

So this is Day #2 of the rewrite sessions. So far not much has changed but well see. 

2nd Saturday Funds

I have begun to work on a non-profit project with my neighbor. She is a wonderful visual artist and we are planning on doing a show together displaying her art while the Fontaine provides some backdrop music. Every 2nd Saturday in Sacramento CA there is an art walk. People walk from venue to venue checking out art and mingling. The point of this project is to raise money/awareness for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) http://www.nami.org/ . Donations will be accepted at this show event and also the week afterwards at a link on this website.

Lots of work to do, but I wanted to share this with you, we have a few options for dates, and I will keep things posted, but things are looking like Nov or Dec.