2nd Saturday Funds

I have begun to work on a non-profit project with my neighbor. She is a wonderful visual artist and we are planning on doing a show together displaying her art while the Fontaine provides some backdrop music. Every 2nd Saturday in Sacramento CA there is an art walk. People walk from venue to venue checking out art and mingling. The point of this project is to raise money/awareness for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) http://www.nami.org/ . Donations will be accepted at this show event and also the week afterwards at a link on this website.

Lots of work to do, but I wanted to share this with you, we have a few options for dates, and I will keep things posted, but things are looking like Nov or Dec.


Getting out of Town

Friday night The Fontaine played a gig in Cotati CA with Funktopus. They are a 7 piece funk band from the north bay area. So much power, a big wall of funk. Traveling to play music? or playing music to travel? Enjoy them both so much. Traveling without playing music is just fine but when you play a gig in the new city you get right on the inside.

Spending the day at the beach with friends the day after.


Sharing the Microphone

Got to do an open mic last night with Frank. I noticed a couple things that tend to happen when the microphone is shared throughout a night.

1.) audience gets involved, spontaneous performances occur

2.) lots of support, musicians support other musicians. Since there are performers from all levels there is a great degree of acceptance. We accept beginners just like we accept experts.

3.) The venue becomes communal when people agree to share the microphone/spotlight. More voices, people are happy to be heard.

4 Postulates of Effective Art

I borrowed the book 'Striking Thoughts' by Bruce Lee from a friend, its been a real inspiring read. He has something he calls his "4 postulates of effective art" It got me thinking about songwriting and how I can learn from his ideas. Below are his four postulates and then some thoughts that came to my mind.


1.) 'Individuality rather then imitative repetitiousness' - this is a tough one, especially for something like music where we build so much on chords and structures that came before us. Its basically how we learn to play music, by imitating it. I was thinking maybe an avenue for individuality could be found in someones guitar tone, or the way in which they record.

2.) 'Brevity rather then bulkiness' - I automatically went to a couple songs in my head that I love for this reason. Like a song with a long build for a sweet chorus that only happens once, makes me a patient listener.... and its here and then gone.

3.) 'Clarity rather then obscurity' - Lyrics? I don't know.....

4.) 'Simplicity of expression rather then complexity of form' - I've heard people say things like "if the songs good then the recording can be whatever, the performance and composition will still get through to the listener." Not going over the top with details to get your point across. Tightening up the whole process.