Talking philosophy with musicians

Enjoyed a great discussion with some musician friends at lunch yesterday. As we experience the changes of the music industry, talking to active musicians is important. All kinds of People are paving the way for this art form now and it's possibilities could be good or bad. We touched on things like aliens,
 individualism/collectivism and marketing. Even though these conversations may not accomplish anything and they are usually full of a lot of speculation they are inspiring and they get me thinking in new ways. I really value the people in my life who create and are creative. Playing music now is like one big opportunity. A chance to share expectations. So go check out Otis Heat, they are coming to a town near you

The reality is the world doesn't need new music to continue , water and food and compassion are more important. But that doesn't stop people from creating. Just put it out there . It makes more real estate in your self for growth. 

Tell Her Im Everything I need to Be

This is the September 5th release from the Music Subscription. This song has taken many forms, with different time signatures, keys, arrangements and lyrics. Settling on the idea that it's ok to release a song several times helps. Nothing is final. No song is ever complete. The Elephant was done by Christine Galinato ( ) check out and support her art.

play along!....

CHORDS - Bmin7 - Amin 7 - Gmaj 7


  1. tell her im everything i need to be
  2. tell her i dont care where shes been or what shes seen
  3. she is the weather and i am a mountain
  4. messin with my mind in a way i cant get behind
  5. tell her ill be on my own two
  6. if i loved you a little less maybe everything would be alright
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New instrument breads new ideas

I think I get why multi instrumentalists can be such great song writers and creative musicians. The tones and the technique of a new instrument can inspire different approaches to voicing chords and phrasing melodies. I have always admired it, and plan on expanding the instruments I know how to play. With only so much time in the day, you can't expect to become an expert on multiple instruments, but enough knowledge and technique to influence song writing, I think, is plenty achievable. I look forward to adding another instrument to the studio soon. Maybe a Banjo...

Here's a photo from this weekend. Paradise, California.

Recording a New Record

We got the tracks we needed while we were all together in Sacramento this last week. Its the first time we have been able to record live takes to a digital device. So, there is a lot of freedom now as we record vocals and mix this thing. Looking at a release date in December.

Also, came across this old photo of a store show we played at HangTown Antiques in Placerville CA. This was during the December 2012 tour.....and that SM57 mic and mic stand in this photo has gone missing. If anyone knows where it is please contact me.

A Big Step Forward

Recently, we have acquired some new recording equipment that will enable us to record our music as we play it live. Very excited because up until now all our music online has been EP's/demos that don't express our full sounds as a live group. We are going to start recording live takes of some new music on Tuesday with Scotty on bass.

Life Charts

At the beginning of the summer I started incorporating charts into my daily living to help keep track of things important to me. It helps me stay disciplined, I keep this piece of paper with me for the 5 days that I am committed to filling it out. Its completely adjustable to whatever you want it to be. Here is mine for this week. Just right click and save image as, print it out and take the "Fontaine Challenge" or cross out and put what you want in to adjust to your life.

Elko NV

The experience at Davis was positive, we played to some cool UC Davis students in a very nice living room. All the bands were great.

Last summer we played a gig in Elko NV at the DLC. If you are ever traveling through Elko its a must stop. A cultural gem of the state of Nevada. They pay their bands/entertainment well and even house them in apartment style lofts above the venue. Art on the walls and a full bar. Getting ready to play it again Aug 21st, hoping to take some friends with us this time.