Boyle's Law

This time of year goes by exponentially fast. Dec 5th is already closing in. We will release the December single on the 4th to coincide with our performance at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco. Challenges with a project like this mostly fall in the category of time management. But, creative work can be at its best when under pressure. As creators we want to make stuff that falls in that sweet spot, something thats not cliche, but still common and profound. Creations that fall in this place maybe stick around longer and affect more. The right amount of pressure and deadline can maybe place us here. Boyle's law states that as pressure increases volume will decrease. 

Maslows Pyramid

A lot of you have heard of Maslow's Pyramid, explaining the basic human necessities. I revisited it the other day and was surprised to see that at the top was 'self-actualization,' ( full filling your unique potential. ) Whatever that may be, and of course your potential can change and evolve, it doesn't have to stay the same, in years it could be something that you didn't even consider. So I am considering that.....maybe years down the road, music wont be my main means of expression, maybe It will be something else.... staying open to that. 

Primary Source

How does an experience move you to create?  Artists/musicians/creators in this way are primary sources; they are direct contact. First hand experience (primary source) converts into art (secondary source) and then the sharing. From the ethereal to the real and tangible and audible. From the mystic to the appreciable. There is an experience out there today waiting for a primary source to appreciate it.


October has gone by fast and 2015 will be here soon......

Staying busy makes the time fly. Staying focused has been hard for me recently, so I started reading 'Eat That Frog' by Brian Tracy. Its been eye opening on increasing my productivity. Here is a link to a pdf with a basic outline of the book.


I think I'm getting back on track though. Sometimes seasons changing does this to a human. Fall can make me a little lethargic.  Needed to share this. It's the October 5th acoustic version of Sweet Medicine. Hope you enjoy, hope your doing good things.