New Single Release 'Avocados'

Tomorrow night! The Fontaine Classic at at Momo’s Cafe in Sacramento tickets here :

Also! The single ‘Avocados’ from our new album will be on all platforms, including spotify and itunes, this weekend. Click this link to be notified when the single drops.

Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces tomorrow :) Happy New Year!

Strong Moves EP (1/2017)

We recorded this group of songs in Los Angeles CA this past November 2016. Big thank you to Kyle Biane (Guitar, Vocals), Eric Weaver (Sound Engineer), Derrick Julian (Back up Vocals)  and Liam McCormick (Bass) for helping us make this music. It was recorded at Seahorse Sound Studios. A first time for The Fontaine Classic in a professional studio setting. 

Recorded at Seahorse Sound Studios In Los Angeles California. Below is a brief sequence of the events that lead to this EP. 

Nov 16 - Travel day from Sacramento to Bakersfield, songwriting in the car.

Nov 17 - Travel day from Bakersfield to LA, continue to compose in the car. Introduced to Eric Weaver, Greek Food, catch up with Kyle Biane, song writing session with Kyle Biane and Eric Weaver. Whole Foods

Nov 18 - Whole Foods, Introduced to Liam McCormack, rehearse as a full band at Confidential Music Studios.

Nov 19 - Whole Foods, Live recording session at Sea Horse Studios surrounded by the Trump protests. Visit with Chase Crawford and J.C. Peltier, Derek Julian joins for Back Up Vocals. 

Nov 20 - Breakfast Burritos, Eric Weaver and Kyle Biane finish the mixes. 

Nov 21 - Return drive to Sacramento with pit stop for lunch in Bakersfield with the Mehlhaffs.